How to make a custom 404 error page template in WordPress?

404 page templates are very important and often overlooked parts of the website. While you're most likely fighting with broken links and make everything possible to get rid of them, there is no guarantee anyways that your customer won't find a new one.

Guide Your Customers

It is not enough just to say that the currently requested page was not found. If you care about your customers, think how could you help them when they've landed to non-existing page? Don't let them feel lost and confused! Instead of just notifying them about this error, offer them something more:

  • Links to important pages or sections on your website
  • Support in a form of contact form or online chat
  • Show your contact information (email, phone, address)
  • List currently active offers and discounts in your store
  • Think, what else could be valuable for your target audience?

Personalize Your Content

With the help of Dynamic Shortcode Values component included in Custom Page Templates plugin, you can utilize Customer data to make your message look more friendly. Watch the demo video below:

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